Why Use A Mail House?

A mail house, like Direct Mail Corporation, has a long history in taking direct mail pieces of all shapes and sizes and ensuring that they reach their intended destinations.

Full-service mail houses like ours offer clients a range of mail services, from sourcing mailing lists or taking a client’s mailing lists, merging and cleaning data, receiving and storing direct mail pieces, inserting them into envelopes or packaging them, through to distribution.

There are many excellent business reasons to outsource large and small scale mail-outs to a mail house like DMC.

A mail house has the specialist equipment that enables us to provide a cost-effective alternative to trying to arrange mail-outs yourself. Using DMC is often much cheaper than hiring your own in-house mail house staff.

We also own multiple plastic wrap machines, envelope insertion machines and specialised mail house equipment that ensures fast turnover. Most businesses don’t have the type of mail house equipment required for efficient insertion or wrap.

DMC employs a scalable casual workforce so we can cater for specialised mail-outs that require manual packaging and lodgement. We offer staff flexibility to cater for the nature of the mail house job.

If you’re looking to use a mail house, research your options by taking a look at their existing mail house clients. Do they attract reputable clients? Is there repeat business? Most mail houses should be able to show you examples of mail-outs they have completed and talk freely to you about their mail house team experience.

At DMC, we pass on the best postage rates to our clients. Of course, not all mail houses do that, so be sure to ask. In addition, we do our laser printing of data in-house and take security of information, stock and fulfillment items very seriously. We have secure areas located in our mail house for high value mail items.