Research has proven that personally addressing printed material greatly improves the likelihood that the mail will be opened.

Modern direct marketers know this, which is why they continue to produce the printed catalogue, despite the advent of an online counterpart.

Direct Mail offers a full end-to-end catalogue distribution service that encompasses personally addressed – or “to the householder” letterbox – delivery requirements.

The Benefits Of Catalogue Distribution Services.

  • Direct Mail offers catalogue distribution services from start to finish.
  • This includes full data management, storage and warehousing, insertion, personalization and lodgment services are available – a true one-stop shop.
  • Direct Mail can deliver via Australia Post or its walker network whichever delivery method best suits the direct marketer.
  • Custom handwork is available for specialised direct mail pieces.
  • Plastic Card Printing is available – Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards and other Custom Cards to enhance your catalogue.
  • Store your catalogues on-site at Direct Mail for added convenience.

Catalogue Distribution Service And Specifications.

  • Direct Mail offers bulk catalogue packing and delivery.
  • It provides catalogue dispatch though Australia Post or the Direct Mail’s walker network.
  • Full track and trace options are available (where applicable).
  • It offers fast turnaround and delivery domestically, with excellent Australia Post discounts (where applicable).
  • Full international postal services are also provided.
  • Inkjet addressing and personalizing services are provided on-site to personalize pieces and increase response rates.
  • Returns handing services are provided.