Sometimes, direct marketers want their material delivered straight to letterboxes. To meet this need, Direct Mail has established a reliable, fast turnaround letterbox delivery service.

Letterbox delivery is executed through Australia Post unaddressed mail service (UMS). Direct Mail can print your letterbox delivery materials, such as leaflets and flyers, providing you with hassle-free end-to-end letterbox delivery campaign management.

The experienced letterbox delivery team at Direct Mail also caters for unique promotions and employs teams to manage manual processing of unique or non-standard items.

It can also source specialty packaging and offer client’s specialty print services, such as the printing of plastic cards, to enhance the uniqueness of the promotion.

The Benefits Of Letterbox Delivery and Unique Promotions Services.

  • Letterbox delivery is a cost-effective way to reach mass audiences.
  • It isn’t necessary for letterbox delivery clients to keep a detailed customer database.
  • Letterbox delivery services are well suited to product samples, special offers, product leaflets, flyers, restaurant menus and other items that fit into a letterbox.
  • Unique promotions often cost more to prepare but are well worth the effort. An interesting, unique promotion can really capture the recipient’s interest and lead to improved response rates.
  • Direct Mail employs an experienced team that can manage your unique promotion or letterbox delivery job from start to finish.

Letterbox Delivery and Unique Promotion Service And Specifications.

  • Letterbox delivery services are conducted using unaddressed mail services delivery with Australia Post.
  • Letterbox delivery flyers or leaflets can be printed on-site by Direct Mail. Just supply your artwork.
  • Unique packaging can be sourced; while envelopes can be sourced and/or custom-printed for uniqueness in 1, 2 or 4 colour-process.
  • On-site inkjet addressing also enables logos, barcodes and other unique graphic elements to be incorporated in outer packaging.
  • Direct Mail provides Plastic Card Printing, for example, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards or other custom cards, to improve recipient response to campaign activity.
  • Custom handwork and manual processing is available on-site.