Helping To Create A Humane World


Nine years ago, when Humane Society International first met gentle, patient Champa, a magnificent Asian elephant, she suffered greatly from her untreated injuries.

It was Champa that created the determination to provide sanctuary for elephants too old or ill to continue to work on the hot streets of India and the impetus for a mobile vet service that today monitors the health of Delhi’s working elephants.

Working conditions in Delhi are extremely harsh. Every day, elephants must walk kilometers over hot tarmac and navigate crowded streets. Most of them are a picture of sorrow and apathy due to poor nutrition and untrained or greedy owners.

In every corner of the world, Humane Society International works tirelessly to reduce animal suffering and create meaningful social change. It achieves its aims by advocating for better public policy, investigating cruelty and working to enforce laws, and educating the public about animal issues.

It is at the forefront of disaster relief for animals, providing direct care for thousands of animals at its sanctuaries, rescue facilities, wildlife rehabilitation centres and mobile veterinary clinics around the world.

For Delhi’s elephants, the work of Humane Society International has meant developing a program that offers them real relief from suffering and pain, a life free from tyranny and a future where elephants are treated with respect and kindness.

Direct Mail Corporation is a proud supporter of Humane Society International and we encourage all our friends and colleagues to learn more about the wonderful work this organisation performs.

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