Help save the mountain gorilla

DMC are proud supporters of Humane Society International as you probably are aware. This month we are asking our valued customers to Help save the mountain gorilla

Coltan is a valuable mineral used in the manufacture of mobile phones. It is mined from the mountain gorilla’s forest home, destroying their natural habitat and threatening these endangered animals. Recycle your old mobile phone today and help to take the pressure OFF increased mining. Mountain gorillas are also becoming increasingly threatened by climate change, habitat loss, poaching, human disease, and civil conflict. Many have been killed by poachers and HSI is committed to helping the surviving gorillas, whose population is declining.

Protect the environment

By recycling your old mobile phone you are helping to preserve the earth’s resources and prevent potentially harmful substances from going into landfill. Funds raised from recycling your mobile will be used to support patrols in Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the home of the critically endangered mountain gorilla. The Government has deployed its “Force Avancee”, comprising 33 armed anti-poaching rangers that have been trained specifically to protect the gorillas and the park. We must ensure that these patrols are maintained and resourced. Your help will directly assist these tough enforcement officers with logistics, training, field equipment, rations and other needs.

HSI is also extending its work to include the lowland gorillas in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Conga and Uganda which are equally under great pressure. To date HSI has raised and committed over $100,000 to protect these magnificent creatures.

By recycling your mobile phone through us you can help save these unique primates.

To receive a free pre-paid recycling satchel please call 1800 333 737 or email Please note each satchel can take up to four phones.