Will Email Replace Traditional Mail Services?

Do we think that email will ever replace traditional mail? No, at DMC, we don’t and here’s why.

As a mail house offering a range of mail services, we keep ourselves abreast of the direct mail industry and its trends, and we’ve noticed a decided marketing trend back towards traditional mail services.

In our assessment, many marketers have tried electronic mail campaigns since there are obvious cost advantages, but have been disappointed with the response rates they receive.

The problem of course is that many consumers have been overwhelmed with email spam and this has meant that it is extremely difficult for marketers using electronic mail services to get any meaningful cut-through, even if their communications make it past a spam filter. Of course, amongst this marketing frustration lies great opportunity.

Because of the focus on cheap electronic mail campaigns, fewer traditional mail pieces are distributed, but the mail pieces that are sent using good old-fashioned postal mail services, are enjoying a much better cut-through. As more marketers realise this, we anticipate a greater swing back to non-electronic mail services.

There are many benefits to creating direct mail that lands in someone’s letterbox.

Traditional direct mail offers a myriad of creative options that are simply not available via electronic mail services. An email offers a marketer basically a page of text and images.

In addition, email is incredibly easy to delete. In fact, there is no guarantee your recipient will even see your electronic mail because of the sophistication of today’s spam filters.

Emails need to be short due to recipient short attention spans. For many direct marketers, this simply doesn’t suit their message. Any complex offers, supporting facts or long copy cannot easily be distributed using electronic mail services.

There is nothing more exciting than an interesting package or envelope arriving on a desk – and this is something an email will never really replicate. The next time you think about a direct mail campaign, call the friendly team at Direct Mail.

We provide a range of mail services that ensure your recipient gets your direct mail as you intend it to arrive.