How to Direct Market To Millennial Letterboxes

Image credit: Priscilla Du Preez Unsplash

Millenials, currently aged between 20 and 36) don’t read direct mail because they’re too busy on their smartphones and tablets?
Wrong, if the research is right.
QG recently found in its survey that 77% actually pay attention to direct mail that marketers deliver in their letterboxes. Millennials, it finds, actually quite like tangible direct mail, they might even share it with friends if they like your messaging enough.
Better still, this demographic – more educated, more connected. More diverse and media savvy than any previous generation – is rapidly emerging as the most influential generation of consumers.
By 2020, Millennial spending power in the US will reach an estimated $1.4 trillion annually – right as they approach key life milestones such as getting married, purchasing a home and becoming parents.
Millennials drive when, where and how to engage with the direct marketing messages they want to receive, the products they want to buy and the brands they support. So what makes them sit up, take notice and make a purchase?
…They value print and when it’s interactive, the millennial customer experience is optimised.

Making Millennial Direct Marketing Work:

Forbes recently published an article “Direct Marketing Is Thriving In Millennial Mailboxes: Here’s How To Make The Most Of It” which we thought was interesting enough to share.

It recommends the following 3 strategies to make your direct marketing to millennials campaigns work effectively.
We live in a data-rich world where direct marketers can customise to their heart’s content. By leveraging big data, direct marketers can build sophisticated campaigns based upon key criteria such as demographics, behaviour and attitudes, life events and many other options.
We’ve said this before, test using A/B spilt testing, tweak for optimal performance and track ROI. Consider QR codes to assist with tracking conversion.
If at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up! Give your campaign sufficient time and investment and reach your audience at least 3 times before you give up on it..

What This Means For Direct Marketers

With millennials quickly becoming one of the biggest global consumer markets, use this opportunity to reconsider direct mail as a tool to reach them. While you might think direct mail is somewhat old fashioned, research shows that millennials may not agree with you.

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