6 tips to keep your bulk mailing project flawless

We have compiled a brief list of useful tips to help your job run smoothly. Should you have any questions regarding these or any other information provided, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Tip 1: Data Files

Please supply your data file in Microsoft excel, with field names (column headers) in the first line. One field per column, suburb state and postcode must be in separate columns.

For larger databases we will accept in text format, CSV or ASCII comma delimited.

DMC will append the Australia Post Point Identification Digit Barcode (DPID) to all client data files where applicable.

DMC’s Australia Post certified software will prepare your data for correct addressing regulations. However, should you require any additional work, such as deduplication, you must let us know.

Tip 2: Cover Sheets

  • Please supply artwork for cover sheets as high resolution Adobe .pdf format.

Tip 3: Inserts

Most of our equipment operates by feeding from a solid edge of the mailing item. ie;

  • A A4 folded letter has a solid edge.
  • A C5 booklet has a solid edge.

If you’re mailing item does not have a solid edge to work from, such as a Z folded or concertina folded item, we will need to use one of our friction feeders or even insert by hand. This will slow the production time of your mailing down and we will advise you accordingly.

Tip 4: Envelopes

All envelopes must be lick & stick machine sealable wallets.
ie with the flap on the long edge.

  • If mailing DL (99x210mm) inserts – use DLX (120x235mm) envelopes
  • If mailing A5 (210x148mm) inserts – use C5 (162x229mm) envelopes
  • If mailing A4 (297x210mm) inserts – use C4 (229x324mm) envelopes

Remember to include a return address in top left corner, Postage Paid Australia imprint and Print Post imprint if applicable in the top right corner.

Tip 5: Laser Imaging

If you wish to supply the stock for your job it needs to be laser compatible. Please check with DMC to ensure the stock will run. Usually if in doubt we will obtain samples from your printer to test first before you order.

  • You will need to supply a signature – by email
  • You will need to supply the letter text – by email

We will do the rest and supply live samples for your approval before we commence any printing.

Tip 6: Postcards

As with envelopes, postcards must;

  • include the return address and postage paid imprints
  • be oblong in shape – the length must be a least 1.414 times the width
  • be no larger than 130x240mm to obtain small letter rates.