6 tips for successful letterbox delivery marketing campaigns

Image credit: Jerry Kiesewetter

It’s tough being one of many businesses competing for attention in our busy, noisy consumer marketplace. Direct marketers have known for years that everyone loves a letter. If the recipient of your letterbox piece is interested in what you drop through their letterbox, you’ll have engagement. To get their attention though, you’ll need to invest in creative that’s memorable.

The rise of the Internet and social media to reach customers has drawn a lot of your competition away from letterbox drops. With marketers focused on digital channels, competition for consumer attention through the humble letterbox delivery has reduced. Now more than ever it’s easier to get noticed.

Before you embark on your next letterbox delivery marketing campaign, take a look at our tips below. Then, when you’re ready to proceed, talk to us. We’re experts at letterbox delivery marketing campaigns, we do it effectively and efficiently.

#1. You must have attention-getting letterbox creative.

To get attention, you need to stand out with strong messaging and a call to action.

If you do something interesting, people will be interested. It’s this simple. Think carefully about your letterbox delivery campaign creative.

Product samples work great, but can be expensive. Other interesting items that suit letterbox delivery include pieces that spur sensory interaction, coupons, limited time offers and humour. Make sure your creative fits through a letterbox! Search the Internet to find many, many successful letterbox delivery campaigns to spur your imagination.

#2. Timing matters

Timing is everything with letterbox delivery campaigns. You should create a reason for people to respond quickly before you get forgotten. Consider offering an offer that is only available for a limited time.

#3. Test, test, test.

Like any advertising material, consider testing your creative. This usually involves choosing a small area, and letterbox delivering two different sets of creative to see which one works best. Then marketers choose the best and run with it for the bulk of their letterbox delivery campaign.

#4. Letterbox delivery is great for targeting defined locations, like suburbs.

How do you target clusters of households in small, defined suburbs? If you’re a business that offers services to defined locations, this is your #1 issue so you don’t waste your marketing budget. Letterbox delivery is a great option for any business looking to get its marketing messages into the hands of households in defined suburbs, streets, and even census collection districts.

#5. Letterbox delivery is still better than email.

How many emails does the average working person receive in a day? Often, it’s dozens (or more) and, as consumers, we’ve trained our inboxes to siphon junk email away so we never know it’s even there.

The humble letterbox delivers your cut-through creative straight into the hands of consumers and most letterboxes are checked daily, meaning timely delivery of your marketing messages.

Digital is great, but fleeting. Printed or physical materials last longer, so your customers see your message for longer, and this is especially true with compelling creative.

#6. Employ a good letterbox delivery partner.

Unless you plan to walk the streets yourself, you’ll need an experienced partner to help effectively execute your letterbox delivery campaign. Talk to us.

Direct Mail Corporation has many years experience in handling letterbox delivery campaigns, from the simplest to the most customised campaign imaginable.

Our team can offer a range of options to make your campaign successful.

To learn more about Direct Mail’s letterbox delivery services, please visit our letterbox delivery service page.