4 Tips To Improve Direct Marketing Performance

Looking to boost your direct marketing campaign performance?

If you have the budget, turn to TV, says UK’s Brand Republic, citing the findings of a recent UK study from ITV and the British Direct Marketing Association.

According to the study, television advertising boosted other campaign activity, including online activity by 175%, direct mail response by 143% and press ad response by 52%.

But for many Australian businesses (and collectively they spend about $500M per year on direct marketing), TV is simply not an affordable option.

For those businesses without the luxury of a large marketing budget to use TV, try some of these tried and tested tips for improving direct marketing performance.

#1: Build strong relationships.

Cold lists do not usually offer the ROI that a direct marketer gets from regular customers and warm prospects. Target regular customers and warm prospects as a first priority and use cold lists to test.

#2: Understand Opportunity Value

Know your numbers especially the response rate you need to justify your direct marketing campaign. In addition, if you are investing in non-standard fulfilment and 3D direct marketing packages, make sure you target high value customers and prospects only.

#3: Carefully target recipients to increase ROI

Not all shoe buyers will want the brown lace-up shoes you have on offer, so don’t target all shoe buyers. If you do, it will be expensive and the ROI won’t be realised. Direct marketing works best when you carefully define your niche audience and you target them, not absolutely everyone else.

#4: Data accuracy is King

As a full-service mail house, we work with data everyday. We merge lists, read multiple data formats, clean lists so that duplicates are removed and labels print professionally. Data is a critical component of your direct marketing campaign. Spending the time to ensure that your data is complete, current and accurate is time well spent. It saves money and reduces returns.

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